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    I have been studying nutrition 40 years and I am always impressed by the knowledge of the employees.Always helpful without hovering or pressuring. I usually shop in Roseville. The products are superior and I like the sample fairs. Don t ever close!

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    I visited the store for the first time yesterday. I was greeted when I walked in and that was it. I was the only one in the store for almost 15 minutes. There were 2 employees on at the time. I walked around and around looking for a certain product for at least 10 minutes. Not at any time was I asked if I needed help to locate something. This pissed me off to be treated so poorly. I wonder if I had been a young vibrant beautiful woman if I would have received a response from the staff. They were too busy discussing their own lives. Wednesday evening

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    Since I did a charge back for a product I didn’t get,but was charges for: I’m not allowed to order from them any longer, lost my $5 reward certificate,and discount.

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    Always very friendly and welcoming.

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    Customer service was excellent and price matched for me. Just wish there was more of a selection on flavors of weight gainer.

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    Could not take survey wasn’t able to get on

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    Wasn’t able to click on the link to take the survey…
    Very satisfied with being allowed to price match the website for my purchase of protein powder.

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    very inetstreing. The purpose of citing this story was to highlight the violence, and that it was the group that used violence which prevailed. If the successors of Hillelites never got any kind of recompensed or validation of their views, the story is not flattering to the Shammaites and their successors. So who benefits?

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    I have been a customer for years. Today I went into the store to purchase protein powder which I buy regularly. I had a $10.00 rewards certificate which recently expired andI was told by the manager that he could do nothing. Experation dates on rewards?? I have to say although this is miner it rubs me the wrong way. I think that I need to take my business else where!!