How do I contact KFC?

1 (800) 225-5532KFC

What is a KFC go cup?

Inside each Go Cup are potato wedges and either: Chicken Littles® sandwiches, Original Recipe® Bites, Hot Wings™, Original Recipe® Boneless, or Extra Crispy™ Tenders. KFC is calling the Go Cup "the perfect on the go snack." (The Extra Crispy™ Tenders Go Cup clocks in at 540 calories and 1440 mg of sodium.)

How do I complain about KFC?

The website lists one customer service number number you can call two ways: 1-800-CALL-KFC or listed as for “urgent calls” 1-800-225-5532.

How much is a small drink at KFC?

KFC offers many classic chicken meals such as Colonel's Classic, Doublicious, Chicken Littles, and Family Meals that include a mix variety of chicken wings and drumsticks....KFC Menu Prices.FoodSizePriceSoft DrinkMedium.69Soft DrinkLarge.99Aquafina WaterBottle.69Iced Tea1/2 Gallon.4975 more rowswww.fastfoodmenuprices.com › kfc-pricesKFC Menu Prices - Fast Food Menu Priceswww.fastfoodmenuprices.com › kfc-prices

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  1. Rated 5

    Prompt service, hot chips and juicy chicken.

  2. Rated 4

    All good especially customer service

  3. Rated 5

    Fast friendly service, very competent staff

  4. Rated 1

    Decided to treat ourselves to kfc last night in Timaru but very disappointed. The service was slack. Only seemed to be one person on the front counter and she was busy doing other things. I was only one waiting to be served and it took a few minutes before she even spoke and then it was to say i wont be long. Finally got served and I asked if the chips were hot and fresh as have been very disappointed with being given cold chips before and she said no there hot. And no they were not. So cold chips, luke warm chicken and luke warm potato gravy.I only live 1 minute drive away. Not a happy customer.

  5. Rated 1

    Tonight I thought we would have KFC for tea so went to do my order with 112622 Kaylah from the Hastings KFC my issue was with the guy who fulled my order who didnt read my order probably cause I ordered and paid for 12 buns was dissapointed when I got home to find that he had put 7 buns in my bag I ordered the XL Bucket I had so many wings it wasnt funny if I wanted so many wings I would have asked for them but when you expect a feed of chicken for your family you dont want mostly wings, and the other thing I didnt know I had to pay 10 cents for the bag as I was not asked if I wanted one.My order number is 5192 time 19.23. 19 september 2019.

  6. Rated 1

    Last year I reluctantly came to your store (wife wanted rubbish food) and I also ordered a wrap for myself. When I got home it looked as it had been dropped on the floor (most of the filling was missing! Needless to say I threw it in the bin and said I wouldn’t go back again.
    Last year my wife survived an aneurism and I didn’t want to disappoint her when she asked for more low quality food.
    After previously experiencing at the Lincoln North store a 20 minute wait before even getting to the counter and then a further 15 minutes for the order to appear, I was surprised when I arrived at the same store and no one was there. I stood at the counter while everyone ignored me. I asked the guy filling an order if anyone was serving and he snarled something at me that sounded like wait. He finally came to take my order saying something like “what do you want”, I told him the first part of the order and he then said “anything else” in a tone that was rude and uninterested. I replied: “yes there is actually”, at which point he stopped and modified his attitude and whit a pause (thinking would I simply walk out), I continued. After a short wait the food arrived and I was asked did I want a bag to carry it in for 10c. Are you serious KFC! I spend $38.00 on your rubbish food and you want to charge me for a paper bag with your logo on it. You should be paying me to be seen with your hideous advertising. I get this meal home in my 10c bag that I now have to dispose of and guess what, not only have I copped an attitude from you worker Lorenzo 1074, but he didn’t even bother to stick the wrap in the microwave,it was stone cold! Next time my wife want your rubbish, I will go to Nando’s. It’s $2.00 dearer but it’s always quality and for that I get a whole chicken perfectly cooked including 2 large fries and a friendly smile. I can ring in and pick up almost immediately. How the hell did you jerks get to where you are, oh that’s right with a creepy clown and a kids play ground (same tactics pedophiles use). You owe me for two wraps Kentucky Fried Chicken and a bloody paper bag you cheap skates. Purchase Details: 31 August 19 21.46 hours – Order number 5196.

  7. Rated 1

    I received the worst service ever at Mangere East KFC, asked for original chicken and got spicy chicken so pissed me off when I got home and checked it, service was alright at counter, but the idiot who made my food thought it was alright to serve me the wrong food. Never going there again, can’t even get my order right. Looking at your other feedback shows you need to seriously look at your bad service your giving to your community. If I was the manager there I would start by firing that idiot who served me, who didn’t give a shit want I really wanted was just the original chicken!!!

  8. Rated 1

    I purchased on order No.7419 from New Lynn KFC at 17.42pm on your code 5531230819174219 last night, 3 x Colonels lunch and 1 x large coleslaw ($23.60) only to find when I arrived home each of the boxes only contained 1 piece of chicken in each box, as it takes 15 minutes to drive into New Lynn it was pointless to go back so tried to ring 12 times between 6.31pm and 7.20pm to try to resolve the problem but could get no response as no one would answer the phone. I have been short supplied once before and accepted it that time as an honest mistake, unfortunately this time I am not so sure. Very unhappy and disappointing.

  9. Rated 5

    Food was good as always!!

  10. Rated 2

    Visited your new Bombay store on the 20/07/2019 and was disappointed that you couldn’t order hot n spicy on the electronic screen so had to cancel and go to the counter to then wait for 5 minutes to be served, meal was ready within 10 minutes which was good but was disgusted how clean the premises were as the window ledges and floor in between cubicle and windows were filthy like not daily dirt but weeks of build up. There were chips, dust, hair, etc on the ledges. Tops of the booths were dirty too. I then worried how clean are the kitchens where our food is cooked and prepared?? I certainly won’t be visiting again in a hurry

  11. Rated 1

    I tired to respond to a KFC customer satisfaction survey and could only enter Viking, Publishers Clearing House and other rip off joints. Your site is unsatisfactory.

  12. Rated 3

    We have just eaten at the gore store, food was excellent, but service was lacking, but more importantly the store was disgusting the floor was filthy, the rubbish bins had leaked over the floor. Not good enough guys!!!!!!!

  13. Rated 5

    Love it

  14. Rated 5

    I ordered for hot wings and got satisfied

  15. Rated 5

    Partner has cravings for kfc this evening, went to grey st, was a little wait but that is to be expected, restaurant needs to be cleaned more, i know when its busy it can get hectic, having enough staff for busy days needs to be address, other than that thumbs up from mama to b…

  16. Rated 3

    Fast service

  17. Rated 2

    SC# 5548050219171745 Whakatane KFC drive in. Called in and purchased 1 value pack but asked for a bean salad instead of the potato and gravy and had to pay a dollar change fee, I asked at the cashier window what a change fee is and how long had it been implemented. He was new to the job and answered the question the best he could.
    A $1 change fee is implemented what’s the reason for this?
    Staff members not able to give a full explanation when queried about changes – Rain apologized that he didn’t know much about it but he was only new.
    Several staff members were leaning up against the ovens who could’ve assisted him but just stood looking at us in a sullen judgmental manner and not one of them offered to help him explain

    Quality of Service
    Drive through staff are too young, this window should always be managed by more experienced staff
    Young staff should be supported or mentored when asked questions by the customer not left to struggle in this case

    Positive feedback
    Rain’s customer service could not be faulted and I’ve sent this feedback in the hope that it will get back to his Manager at Whakatane KFC to commend Rain.

  18. Rated 1

    I recently visited the KFC in Oneonta, Alabama- we ordered the $20 fill-up meal and a chicken pot pie. What a disappointment- when we got home what we found was absolutely disgusting. The chicken in the bucket had been cooked to the point that it wasn’t even fit to eat, the biscuits were hard and the bowl of gravy was only about half full and was so runny it looked like it had been watered down. My wife called them to complain and let them know how dissatisfied we were and all the night manager had to say was “oh well”. This isn’t the first time we have gotten terrible food from them and when she told him we would not be back he hung up.

  19. Rated 4


  20. Rated 5


  21. Rated 2

    I normally go to kfc once or twice a week in Rangiora and the past couple of times they have forgotten the coleslaw, given me regular when I’ve paid for large and don’t feel I should have to check my order every time I leave to make sure it’s their. This is becoming more regular the past 3 weeks….

  22. Rated 1

    Recently I was in Nelson and visited the KFC there with my son. I was highly disappointed in the whole experience. They were busy so we went through the drive through. We spent one hour locked in a queue waiting to get our order. This was ridiculous and unreasonable. When I finally got to receive food the staff member was rude. When I explained I had been in line for an hour she did not care. There was no offer of discount or even an apology. The order was then wrong but I just wanted to move on. This was the worst service I have ever received and I was extremely disappointed. One hour is not fast food.

  23. Rated 4

    Very good service and friendly staff .the food was so good and tasty at KFC whakatane.

  24. Rated 2

    I got a snack burger instead of a stacker burger. Apart from that, it was all good.

  25. Rated 1

    Bought kfc bucket, shame when they don’t have coke. Why put it in the deal??

  26. Rated 3

    We bought kfc for the family my only complaint is the taste of spices was very bland. It felt like they put half the spices Rest was alright. My order no is 5078 bought on 02 /10/18 from botany hub at 20:26

  27. Rated 1

    I went to kfc northmall hamilton this morning arnd 10:30. I ordered veggie burger combo it was a drive thru order. I got my burger combo it was very disappointing the hash brown in burger was cold, chips were the same they just gave plain cold fries n no salt nothing. It was not looking like its freshly made. Did not expect this at all
    So disappointed today.

  28. Rated 1

    Very poor customer service from the KFC in Whanganui today, had to wait a very long time to be served then when getting our order taken the person was rude and not customer friendly. Finally when we got our food after a long wait, we had very over salted chips that were barely warm. Our onion ring burger didn’t have cooked bacon it was still raw, the onion in the onion rings were the top layer of the onion and we basically could have eaten the onion skin because that’s what it was like. Not a pleasant meal today, very disappointed actually.

  29. Rated 1

    Hi I’m jus wana say how disappointed I was I have driven from Westport to greymouth to get KFC and yea I should of checked my meal because my meal was incomplete was missing stuff from my order out of my superstar meal I was missing mini pop and crispy strip not very happy bout it after spending what I did there already

  30. Rated 1

    There is no superviser at Rototuna,Hamilton NewZealand.Under staffed and show no interest. Had to wait 30min to place my order and 40 min after placing my order to receive my order. Unexceptable.

  31. Rated 1

    Very disappointed with the chicken today. It was slimy and greasy. The crusts not stick to the chicken. And the chicken had no flavor. I could not taste any seasoning just flour. I also had to wait 20 minutes to receive any service. My family and I usually eat here up to six times a month. The food has never been this bad. Although there have been issues before none were as bad as today.

  32. Rated 1

    visited timaru store today 29 07 2018 at14.47 sorry not impressed service very slow chips not hot chicken tough coating hard to chew ask for no ice in drink but still got it.we are a regula sunday customer in timaru but feel the quality is slowly failing. we trust this will help your survey towards a better customer experence. cheers. Bob & Jude. code on docket is 5540290718144759

  33. Rated 4

    Great food at the right outlet Josylin Lyall

  34. Rated 1

    Hi there this regards the Dee st invercargill kfc
    Very very unhappy with the length of time I had to wait for someone to take my order was over an hour from the time i worked in the door to walking out with my food now was happy with the service was the wait that was unexpectable
    One very unhappy customer Bryan Duffy

  35. Rated 5

    The best

  36. Rated 1

    Not happy with service at KFC rangitiki st palmerston north,had to wait in line for 10 to 15 minutes to be serverd got drink chips,chicken & burgers, it was then another 10-15 minutes before we recieved our order which is in somewhat understandable seeing as it was a little bit busy BUT waiting that long you would think we would be guarenteed to get a correct order. instead we got: the burgers were not labeled, the lid of the chicken barrel lid was the wrong size, there were no cups for our drinks and no serviettes. We pay good money to have these little things corrected or as a matter of fact correct the first time.

  37. Rated 1

    Your web site sucks

  38. Rated 3

    Went to Masterton KFC today Sun 03.06.18. Shop was really busy including the drive thru. We were about 5th along in the queue with only Maggie serving. My partner and I could not help but comment on how hard Maggie was trying and we would like to compliment with a, well done girl. You deserve good fortune and respect. We hope you get to read this along with your peers in the hope they give you what you deserve.

  39. Rated 1

    KFC branch in Windhoek in front of total service station…worst service at the drive through…wrong change…refused to listen to customer order.

  40. Rated 2

    I went to the Silverdale Kfc, service was quick and friendly but the chicken in my burger wasn’t cooked properly. Serving raw chicken is definitely not acceptable! I did report it to a staff member, she acknowledged it but didn’t apologize for it.