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WalMart Customer Feedback Survey

As the most popular supermarket, Walmart has almost everything we need. Walmart appreciates knowing more about your recent visit. You can tell Walmart how you feel like your shopping experience to help it improve. You will have a chance to win a Walmart $1,000 Gift Card. It’s not a bad idea to spend a few minutes to win a Walmart $1,000 Gift Card.

WalMart Customer Feedback Survey Guide

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WalMart Customer Feedback Survey

  • Enter the 5-digit zip code of your residence
  • Answer the question  “Are you, or is anyone in your immediate family, a Walmart or Sam’s Club employee?”
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  • Enter Store name and ID exactly as they appear on your receipt to go on the survey

WalMart Customer Feedback Survey

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About Walmart
Wal-Mart is the world’s largest retailer, operating discount stores, supercenters, neighborhood markets, and Sam’s Club warehouses around the world. For job hunters, working at Walmart can be somewhat reassuring. You may start your Walmart careers by finishing a online job application.

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  3. WalMart Official Site: www.walmart.com

Rating 3.71032votes

  1. Rated 1

    Lansing Illinois Walmart is the worse ever customer Service is the worse all these ppl do is lounge around and talk abt who else isn’t working it terrible .

  2. Rated 5

    As fast as easy to transfer money from money gram at Walmart at flower mound. Thank you Dakdha.

  3. Rated 1

    I visited the WalMart pharmacy today ( Store # 07309 in Humble Texas). I asked for a prescription that my doctor had sent in. The young girl at the drive through told me it was read and went to get it. She came back with the prescription and told me she would package it. She was having trouble with her long fingernails and put her fingers in her mouth and began biting on them. I was horrible. After licking her fingers, she picked up my prescription bottle with the fingers that had been in her mouth and but it in a bag. She then told my credit card with the same fingers and completed the transaction. She told me that the pharmacist would talk to me about the prescription. The pharmacist came over and told me about my prescriptions. I told him what had happened. He seemed amused and said he would talk to her about it. The RX # is 6697753. I was really about what happened and want to know if this will really be addressed so that I can decide whether to go back there or not.

  4. Rated 5

    I became a witness how one of your checkout clerks, her name is Jenifer, Vero Beach, Fl 32967 did an exeptional performance!

    she handled this young mother of 4, I guess the oldest was about 6 years of age, in an outstanding professional way. She never lost her cool, every child wanted to packed “their” chosen items in a separate bag – and then the mom payed with diff.credit cards.
    it was showing, that Jenifer is doing her job professional and with the heart on the right spot!
    It made my day, to watch this positive action!

  5. Rated 1

    Everytime I go I can hardly get a power cart. I either never see 1 or the battery is dead. I’m tired of having to walk thru the store. I hope I don’t collapse in your store 1 day.

  6. Rated 4

    Do you have Security people in all your stores? I was in the Conover, NC store July 1 at 11:19:30 my daughter was unloading my cart and I was standing holding the cart, when this Asian woman rudely came and pushed her way into a corner pretending to look at the furthest gum selection from her, the nearest to the cashier. I had to then angle away from her the best that I could. Could security have intervened? I was very uncomfortable because she seemed to be hostile.
    rtable because she seemed to be hostile.

  7. Rated 5

    I was at the Walmart in Seekonk, MA today. I was amazed by the high level of customer service I received from both Jorge M. and Paul S. Asst. Store manager. Jorge went out of his way to help me find an item, he continued to look for the item even after I walked away. He found me in the check out line, he had found the item. Pretty great customer service!!

  8. Rated 1

    It been one week since I called Walmart at the Waterworks Mall to complain about my daughter’s earrings not making it into my bag, the cashier placed them on top of the bag turn stile and not in the bag. I waited on hold for 45 minutes when the assistant manager finally picked up, she said she would return my call tomorrow, that call never came. I spend hundreds of dollars every month at that Pittsburgh location and this is how you treat me. Target is right up the road all over 4 sets of $3.92 earrings that should have been put in the bag right after ringing them up.

  9. Rated 5

    yesterday i was at ur wal mart store located at 250 w 65th st loveland co 80538. i am a disabled vet & a young lady by the name of helen said may i help u. i noticed on her name tag she was also a dept. mgr. i said yes i need help & i showed her my short list of items i needed, she saw i was on oxygen & said give me the list & i will get everything u need, she said stay were u r at & i will b back. u do not realize how happy i was with all the help i got from helen GOD BLESS U HELEN. she is a real asset to your loveland colorado store. she has sold me on doing more shopping at ur north loveland store. THANK U VERY MUCH HELEN, GOD BLESS. SIGNED PAUL TOLLIVORO

  10. Rated 5

    While unable to locate certain items that I was shopping for, I approached a busy young associate named Donte that was more than willing to help me. I was thrilled to have the items pointed out as my trip would not be in vain. Later, as I had a problem locating Hormel meals, I hesitated to disturb the same young man again. To my surprise, he had the same warm smile and attitude as before. It made me feel appreciated. Even the cashier, whose name I forgot (with long braids) noticed I’d overcharged myself for vine tomatoes, helped me. I called to say “thank you for these people”, and Tiffany, assistant manager, was as wonderful. Thank you for the opportunity to share my awesome experience.

  11. Rated 5

    Today’s trip to Walmart was to pick up medication and a couple of questions for Garden. First was the friendly service at the counter then medication education with the ever knowledgeable pharmacist, Dave Miller. Jenny waited on me with a smile and she and Tina were super helpful. I am on a lot of medications. I count on these guys to tell what to watch for.
    Then I stopped in the Garden section, where Bryan and Cindy helped me and both asked about my Mom. Bryan and Cindy are part of the Fabulous Four that also includes Karen and Lisa. One of the most wonderful, generous, and thoughtful things these four do is help me with my 90 year old Mom when we come in. The Lake Wales Walmart is huge when you’ve got a petite, deaf customer who keeps getting separated from her daughter (almost every trip, no matter what I try to do differently). Mom is demanding, critical, and mostlly reads lips, but the Karen, Lisa, Cindy and Bryan treat her like gold.
    My Mom’s day is not complete without a trip to Walmart.
    Thank you all for your
    exemplary customer service for myself and especially my Mother.

  12. Rated 4

    I tried to order a gym and was having difficulty, my credit card is on my P.O. Box and I wanted the gym to go too my house. But the card kept declining though there is a very high limit and no balance. So I went to the Springfield oregon store and pay directly. But after waiting like ten minutes a manager came to us and he tried to do it, and it wouldn’t let him. He said that there was nothing he could do and gave me an 800 number. The first time we called a lady answered and just said hello, I started too talk and she hangs up on us. So we called back and got some guy named jay, unlike the first one this one gave us his name. I explained it for the umpteenth time and he acted like he was high, trust me I deal with enough high in a day to recognize one. So I asked to talk too his supervisor and was told he would get him, then it went to dead silence, then he hung up. I finally ordered it using my discover card and two different peoples name just to get it. But your guys customer service really sucks. I wonder how many sales a day go this way. Or maybe your just to big, and in reality just a future fema camp. So you probably don’t care, but it was nice to vent.

  13. Rated 5

    Just had 4 tires put on car. Had the best service from Danny { sales attendant}
    @375 Kings Hwy Punta Gorda Florida . Great service Also man of his word ! 6/20/19


  14. Rated 5

    Andrew and Pua, who both work in the fabric dept at Walmart Mililani are such great workers. They are good at their jobs, always pleasant and knowledgeable! So happy they are there

  15. Rated 5

    Muy Buena Atención

  16. Rated 5

    I would like to commend the excellent customer service of an employee named Patti at the walmart located in Lockport Il. I needed to place an order online order;Patti helped me through the process of buying Walmart gift card orders very patiently. She sent another employee to customer service to get me a 10% discount card for online orders but the employee came back saying that customer service did not want to give out this discount! Patti managed to get it for me, I saved $20.00 with her help!

  17. Rated 1

    This order was shipped to home. Out of 14 cans 1 was undented! Plus a whole fruit cup
    spilled in the box. It’s getting worse and worse!

  18. Rated 5

    Can’t get to survey. Is this a joke. I’ll probably start shopping at costco. ok that’s funny can’t post comment on 1 star rating.

  19. Rated 1

    I purchased a 430.00 hp computer at store 03549 on April 5th 2019. Two days later I brought it back to see if the guys that sold it to me could help me set it up. The answer was a very direct NO . They where very helpful up until they got my money. So I took it to Staples and paid them 160.00 dollars to download word for me . Then I gave it to my son. A week later the volume does not work. So I take it in tonight back to Walmart, it’s been 2 months and a couple days, with my recite, just to exchange it, I said please just give me what I paid for. Walmart manager, girl with Long black hair at SD said NO. Call Hulet Packard, maby they can help you.. Anyone reading this, don’t ever ever ever buy electronics from Walmart, because they don’t care if they sell you a lemon, zero compassion from a billion dollar company. All I asked was to exchange it for one that worked, and that was too much to ask. I’ll never shop there again.

  20. Rated 3

    you need some cashiers Those self check outs are terrible

  21. Rated 5

    Kevin of electronic department when out of his way too assist me with item over the phone he check available stock it wasn’t in so he check status of arriving item gave me a date when too expect and sure thing item was in the shelves! He really went the extra mile for me! That’s customer service! I had to go too his store in pearl city because my local store was out! Also Kallen was super helpful when I was in store and I even got to talk with the store manager she was greatful for my feedback! Kevin of pearl city Walmart is a SuperStar! Mahalo keep it going!

  22. Rated 5

    Picked up an order at the Lecanto Walmart 6/7/2019 and Dawn and Anna were awesome, kudo to both of them, this is the first time I’ve use this service, but it won’t be the last!!

  23. Rated 3

    have not been able to reach the survey site in days – what’s up ? – signed a loyal customer

  24. Rated 4

    On Wednesday, June 5, 2019 I was exhausted because of my Multiple Sclerosis. Shelia helped me get my groceries to my car. I thank God for people like Shelia who is willing to go the extra mile to help someone get home safely with their food.

  25. Rated 4

    On Wednesday, June 5, 2019 I was at store #03700. I have Multiple Sclerosis and was so exhausted that I needed help to get my groceries to the car. A wonderful woman by the name of Shelia took time and made sure that I got to my car with my groceries. I was so grateful to have this angel assist me in getting home. Thank you Sheila ❣️!

  26. Rated 5

    I had an awesome experience in the ele tronics today. Kenneth Perry was very helpful and patient. He did a great job with my phone. Thanks Kenneth

  27. Rated 5

    St# 03163 op#000772 TE#41 TR#00414 The pharmacy team always take extra time to assist me with my medication and refills. The pharmacists are extremely helpful. Terik the pharmacist always explains the information that I am comfortable with.They never make you wait, Tracy smiles and is so efficient. All the techs would like to add their names. Make going to Walmart a plus for my family.
    Thank you for the service

  28. Rated 5

    The Neighborhood Walmart on Hwy 28 east in Pineville, Louisiana has been beyond amazing. The staff is so very friendly, knowledgeable, caring, and helpful compared to the two other pharmacies I have used. I am so very pleased with this awesome pharmacy.

  29. Rated 4

    I had two recent very positive and pleasant experiences with check out staff at two different Walmarts in Pensacola. Last weekend I had a nice lady approach me and check out my groceries without me having to stand in line. What a treat! Today I was checking out at the walmart market on Mobile Highway and the cashier had a closed sign up but waved me to come on through.
    Made my day! She was polite and friendly too! Her name was Pat at Terminal # HX651832 at 11:58 this morning. Deborah Anstead

  30. Rated 1

    Never got to Walmart at market Commons mb sc again I took my meds for refill at 5:30 was told it be a hour I called at 645 the phone rang for five minutes before a woman named Brook finnally pick up I asked her for the pharmacy very nasty she said hmm they are closed I asked why she said well hmmmm it memorial day I said why did they say a hour if they e would not be there she said well it a holiday and hung up not the first rude worker I talked to but will be the last why does the manger allow this Myrtle Beach is full of ppl get over your rude self

  31. Rated 5

    On May 25th 2019 my husband Jeff Haney had been working outside and when he arrived at Walmart on Prince St. conway AR 72034 he had suffered a heat stroke. The passerby happened to be a Pharmacist and helped him into the store. The Employees did an outstanding job helping in cooling him down with cold packs and water! I want to Thank each and everyone by helping him until he could come home! I also want Corporate to know how grateful I am for their help!

  32. Rated 5

    Trenia at Walmart customer is so helpful I went to 3 different Walmart’s for help but I came this one and she helped me out!! She was polite respectful and funny also! If there was any other customer service agent working that day besides her I probably wouldn’t even be giving feedback right now!!!

  33. Rated 2

    My 3rd visit to Walmart this week, looking for Sams Cola Red can Reg. case of 24. Out of stock. Again! Never anyone to help. Ask someone, they cant check in the back. Why NOT. I buy 16/18 cases per month. I am so tired of the store being out of stock. Why are no employees available to help customers. I am a senior, on a fixed income. I have to pay someone to pick up the order for me and it’s very frustrating to have no help and the shelves out of stock.

  34. Rated 5

    I was at the Chino, CA store this morning to pick up a few items. As I do not like the self check I always go to a cashier. This morning my wait was just a few short minutes because there were 6 checkstands open! Thank you management!! It was such a pleasure to check out so quickly, and I left feeling very good about my visit to your store. Thanks again.

  35. Rated 5

    Very satisfied customer. Cashier very attentive and helpful. Rating a 5exceptional

  36. Rated 1

    Purchased 32 can box of Friskies cat food. Didn’t notice a problem at the time, however when travelling home the odor of rotten cat food was quite strong. Opening the box showed one badly damaged can and several others very dented. The entire box smelled awful and I wouldn’t allow any of the cans in my house. Very disappointed that either the warehouse or store couldn’t even notice the odor and keep that box off the store shelve. WalMart Jurupa Valley store on Limonite.

  37. Rated 1

    Female worker was rude I get it it’s late night/early morning. I am a closing manager I get it your tired and what not but still no reason to be rude to the customers. Store # 01931

  38. Rated 1

    The gift card visa relodable it’s the worst will not put anything on and will cancel can’t get live person!!!!!

  39. Rated 1

    I have shopped at store#03404 twice a month since it opened. I was there yesterday for the last time. The shelves were a disaster in the health area, prices not marked, many common items not stocked, generally speaking a disorganized mess. Produce department had missing prices too. Check out took about 25 minutes because there were 3 cashier lines open with dozens of people waiting in the aisles. I will use the Blaine store in the future for the value Walmart provides. It might be helpful if you hired a manager for the store, because there doesn’t seem to one now. Perhaps a Quality Audit team should look at this, because WOW!

  40. Rated 5

    Excelente servicio. Empleados muy amables

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