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    SHAME ON YOU! The ‘Free’ gift for taking your survey is a total scam. I chose the ‘free’ Tactical Flashlight and was charged $9.95 shipping. The ‘flashlight’ was not the one pictured, as far as I can tell, and actually more of a pocket penlight. I have subsequently found what appears to be the same ‘flashlight’ on eBay for $9 for TWO shipping included. I call bullshit on your survey and scam. Also, the partner on this promotion is some nut case survivalist group that I wish did not have me in their database at all. Overall, a terrible experience. Thanks for nothing. If I could give NO STARS I would have. ZERO

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    Great for shopping

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    I love shopping with costco

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    Costco surveys for ‘FREE’ gifts are a scam and a sham. Shame on Costco for participating with this service provider.
    They are not gifts or free if one must pay in order to receive them are they? Come on people don’t do this survey. My opinion of Costco has seriously diminished and I will let all those I know that Costco is no longer a cut above the rest.

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    Costco requested that I took a survey and I would receive a $50. gift certificate. I lower the survey to come back to it in a few minutes and when i click back to the survey it was gone. I did not get a chance to put in my information as to my name etc.
    How would you be able to retrieve my responses.
    the survey was to how often we visit the Costco, the prices, time to wait at the cashier, are the ailes are to small ??
    that type or survey.

    Can you respond too me as to the next step
    Laurèn Couf . my costco card number . Mb#11181227313
    Thank you

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    · great question! my name is christy and i hate hate it when people call me chris. i also hate it when people call me chirstine, assuming i have already shortened it to christy, which i have not. on the other hand, i love giving other people nicknames, especially my animials!