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Pharmaca Customer Satisfaction Survey

Were you satisfied with your most recent visit to Phamaca in general as well as in detail? Wehter its team member greeted you when you entered the store can be a standard for you to give your feedback as your feelings and opinions are the most important for Pharmaca. After finishing Pharmaca Customer Satisfaction Survey, you will be entered into a prize drawing but you must be at least 18 years of age. And entrants will only be eligible for one prize per calendar year.

Pharmaca Customer Satisfaction Survey Guide

  • You can only take the survey at the survey site (Reference Link 1) as we do not collect your survey answers.
  • Based only on your last visit to Phamaca, answer the following survey questions.

Pharmaca Customer Satisfaction Survey

  • Give detailed visit information of Pharmaca store, including its store code and your visit time.

Pharmaca Customer Satisfaction Survey

  • Rate the service you received which was offered by Pharmaca and the purpose of your visit.

Pharmaca Customer Satisfaction Survey

  • Rate your overall satisfaction with Pharmaca and the degree of the possibility of recommending Pharmaca to others.

Pharmaca Customer Satisfaction Survey

  • Give your personal information, including your gender and age range.

Pharmaca Customer Satisfaction Survey

  • Leave your email address in order to be entered into the prize drawing.

Pharmaca Customer Satisfaction Survey

About Pharmaca
Since the first Pharmaca store, located in Boulder, Colorado, opened its door in 2000, Pharmaca has been devoted itself to providing its customers with the highest quality medical, health and skin care with the most reasonable price. As the health care costs rising, Pharmaca makes it possible for its customers to enjoy the service offered by its professional pharmacists, doctors, nutirtionists, herbalists, and more. You can find your health care solutions at Pharmaca.

Reference Links

  1. Pharmaca Customer Satisfaction Survey Link: pharmaca.com/survey
  2. Pharmaca Official Site: www.pharmaca.com


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